My name is Mike. I'm creating this blog for support of my weight loss. Please help me! I've tried so hard but what I really need is support.

In the four pictures:

Top Left - 236 lbs. (May 2009)
Top Right - 179 lbs. (Summer 2010)
Bottom Left - 227 lbs. (June 2012)
Bottom Right - 211 lbs. (Jan. 2013)

So as you can see I've been through a roller coaster with my weight. I was 236 pounds, then lost 57 pounds, then gained about 35 back and now I'm currently losing weight again. I'm determined to get back to 179 pounds! Feel free to message me for ANYTHING!

July: 227 lbs.(Start)
November: 218lbs
Current: 205 lbs. (-22)

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They don’t know your goals.

They don’t have your passion.

They don’t share your dedication.

They don’t make your sacrifices.

They don’t suffer your consequences.

They don’t get your results.

They don’t have your strength or courage.

They don’t know whats best for you.

Stop listening.

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Stay fit in summer with the 30 Day Crunch Challenge , the 30 Day Lunge Challenge and the 30 Day Burpee Challenge !!

Nice simple challenges!

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Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow I will be better than I was today.

Tomorrow I will be one day closer to realising my dream.

Today I make it happen.

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Top pictures (12/2012 & 3/2013)
Bottom pics 5/2014
From Puerto Rico

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The difference between these photos is one year and about 120 pounds.

Instagram: Hangetsfitxoxo

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Sorry for being that guy but I am a little amazed by this before and after diet photo of Becca and Me

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My Progress Left- August 2012, Right- December 2013

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