My name is Mike. I'm creating this blog for support of my weight loss. Please help me! I've tried so hard but what I really need is support.

In the four pictures:

Top Left - 236 lbs. (May 2009)
Top Right - 179 lbs. (Summer 2010)
Bottom Left - 227 lbs. (June 2012)
Bottom Right - 211 lbs. (Jan. 2013)

So as you can see I've been through a roller coaster with my weight. I was 236 pounds, then lost 57 pounds, then gained about 35 back and now I'm currently losing weight again. I'm determined to get back to 179 pounds! Feel free to message me for ANYTHING!

July: 227 lbs.(Start)
November: 218lbs
Current: 205 lbs. (-22)

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Do not expect fast results. This is your life. You won’t make a million dollars in a year. You won’t graduate college in a year. You probably won’t live in your dream home with your dream partner in a year.

So stop expecting your dream body to show up sooner than that.

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saw-whet owls are very cute

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Best Body-weight Exercises For Burning Calories…VIDEO

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Wooooooooow! Probably one of my favorite transformations!

AWWWWOOOOO atta girl

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Supreme Fitness

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Now this is getting closer to ACTUAL food porn…

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